Atlas Stones

Lifting stones are heavy natural stones which people are challenged to lift, proving their strength. They are common throughout Northern Europe, particularly Iceland (where they are referred to as steintökin), Ireland, Scotland, Basque Country, Faroe Islands, Wales, North West England centred around Cumbria, Switzerland, Germany and also in the United States and parts of Asia such as Japan.[1]

Recently, lifting stones have been incorporated into the World's Strongest Man and other similar strongman competitions, using various cast, found, or established challenge stones such as the Húsafell Stone, Dinnie Stones, Steinstossen, Nicol Stones and Odd Haugen Tombstone. They also do modernized versions of events derived from ancient contests, in which athletes would see who could load the heaviest stones onto a platform, known as Atlas stones or Castle stones.[2]


Zo, dit somt het wel zo'n beetje op, wat die Atlas stones precies zijn.

Wil jij eens zien welke steen (hoe zwaar) je precies kan tillen?
Of, had je graag zelf stenen gehad?

Kom gerust eens langs bij ons in de club!